Home School Association

The purpose of the Home School Association (HSA) is to promote  communication and cooperation between St. Gregory the Great School and the parents. The HSA contributes to the financial support of the school through a number of successful fundraisers.  Our largest fundraiser is our annual Autumn Nights Auction, which in addition to raising a large amount of money, also promotes school community.

Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer at the events sponsored by the HSA.  Please contact the HSA at: sgs.hsa@sgtgs.org

2018-2019 HSA Members

President:  Vikki Salese
Co-Vice President: Hanora Lopez

Co-Vice President: Tara Rodriguez

Treasurer: Joya Timmel

Secretary: Danielle Connors

Hospitality: Melissa Parks

Principal: Suzanne Curra
Ex-Officio: Rev. Michael L. Dunn


HSA Events calendar is available here.
Would you like to volunteer but don't know what's involved ... here is some helpful information!
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