Welcome to St. Gregory the Great Elementary School, where we embrace the power of technology to enhance teaching and learning across all grade levels.

At St. Gregory the Great, we understand the importance of preparing our students for a digital future. That’s why we make substantial investments in the latest technological resources, ensuring that every student graduates with advanced technology skills and feels confident in their ability to work and learn with digital tools.

Our students are actively engaged in utilizing internet resources, which play a vital role in fostering critical thinking, developing digital literacy, and promoting online safety. Our faculty members are adept at incorporating new tools into their instruction, regularly utilizing applications such as Canva and Google Slides to create captivating presentations that inspire and engage our students.

Each of our classrooms is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, facilitating dynamic and interactive lessons. Our teachers harness the power of technology by utilizing popular learning management systems like Google Classroom to seamlessly distribute materials, communicate with students, and collect assignments.

Elementary School

In our elementary school, students primarily utilize iPads and Google Chromebooks. These devices provide access to a wide range of educational applications such as ABC Mouse, Brain Pop, and Prodigy, as well as other developmentally appropriate programs like Reading Eggs, Math Seeds and Fast Phonics for personalized learning. Additionally, elementary students also utilize Edmentum, to support assessment in reading, math and language arts.

Middle School

As our students progress to middle school, we introduce the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, encouraging students to bring their Google Chromebooks for seamless integration into our curriculum. Middle school students leverage online resources like Newsela, EdPuzzle and IXL Learning to enhance their learning experiences in subjects such as science and math. Moreover, they begin exploring creative applications that allow them to express their understanding of the curriculum in unique and innovative ways.

Innovation Space

The St Gregory the Great Innovation Space offers a dedicated learning environment to support basic computer skills and introduce students to a world of coding, robotics, and digital arts.

Our youngest learners start by building a strong foundation in technology. They develop fundamental skills such as operating a mouse, becoming familiar with a keyboard, and navigating through digital interfaces. Our dedicated instructor provides a supportive environment where students can gain confidence in using these essential tools.

As our students progress, they move beyond the basics and begin to explore the exciting world of coding and robotics. Through creative coding applications designed specifically for their age group, our students are introduced to the concepts of computer programming. They engage in hands-on activities that encourage problem-solving, logical thinking, and computational skills.

We believe that by providing our students with opportunities to explore and experiment in the Innovation Space, we are preparing them for a future where technology will continue to play an increasingly vital role. We encourage their curiosity, nurture their creativity, and inspire them to become the innovators of tomorrow.