Distance Learning Program
for Middle School Students


While middle school students may take middle school courses equal in difficulty to those taught at high school, high school credit is not awarded for middle school courses. The only exception occurs when a middle school student receive approval to take a high school class through an accredited high school campus and receive high school credit.

Credit Program for Middle School Students:

Immaculate High School credit is awarded to eight grade students who complete year long high school courses while in middle school after the student has passed both semesters of the course and passed the second semester high school final examination. The credit and grade are recorded on the student’s Immaculate High School transcript during their eighth grade year and transfers to their first year of any high school the student wishes to enroll. The Immaculate High School Student Distance Learning Program provides the opportunities for students to take selected high school courses outside of the traditional classroom setting, allowing students access to online accelerated courses. Courses taught by the Immaculate High School teachers follow a blended learning model, requiring two or three face-to-face meetings, depending on the length of the course.

Eligibility Requirements:

Students who apply to the IHS DLP must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in a fully-accredited Catholic or private school as a rising eighth grade student
  • Achieved Grade 6 and 7 standardized testing score or 90% or higher in mathematics and 85% in reading (documentation required)
  • Score 90% or higher on IHS pre-requisite exam
  • Provide a teacher and/or administrator endorsement letter
  • Must meet the pre-requisite requirements of the offered course-of-study